Triptych Wines allows you to store your wine tasting notes securely online, accessible only by you, wherever you have an internet connection. The user-friendly tasting notes form enables you to easily record detailed notes in a consistent format. For those developing their tasting skills this helps guide and structure your wine tasting. More experienced tasters benefit from codified notes that allow a much more powerful and flexible analysis of tasting records than conventional text-base notes.

Capturing notes is fast. A wine tasting note equivalent to 'dark crimson, intense nose of blackcurrant, cedar and tar, full-bodied with ripe tannins and well-balanced acidity, medium length' can be recorded with just ten clicks of the mouse - easily managed with glass in hand! But entering structured notes doesn't mean you can't capture the individual nuances that make wine so endlessly intriguing - well over 200 billion different tasting note permutations can be accommodated. And you can download your full tasting notes to access or analyse offline, anytime.

Triptych Wines introduces a completely new type of wine tasting note. An innovative, intuitive visual language utilises colour, shape, scale and integrated text to depict wine tasting notes graphically.

Triptychs are formed, unsurprisingly, from three images.


The first represents the wine's structure - the overall balance and perceived levels of sugars, acidity, alcohol and (for red wines) tannins - using:

  • Shading - hollow for low alcohol, grey for medium alcohol, black for high alcohol
  • Pattern - smooth, fine or coarse textured according to tannin levels
  • Shape - a harmonius wine appears as a circle with a clean edge; a soft wine creates a circle with blurred outline; coarse, astringent wines or sharp, acidic wines appear as angular shapes
  • Size - the more full-bodied the wine, the larger the graphic


The second, and largest, image uses coloured spheres of different sizes to portray the wine's bouquet.


The final picture features a parabola representing intensity (y-axis) and length (x-axis) of flavour.

Have a look at the slideshow of recently added tasting notes below to familiarise yourself with the Triptych Wines language (hovering your cursor over the Triptych pauses the slideshow).

The Triptych Wines database features flexible reporting and analysis tools. List wines corresponding to certain countries, regions or grape varieties. Find your most, or least, favourite wines. Compare Triptychs for a range of wines to gain insights into your palate and different wine styles. Create customised Triptych slideshows for viewing on your computer or, if you choose, share them online.

Wine professionals can incorporate their own logo into Triptychs or integrate slideshows into other websites. If you are a wine retailer and are interested in using Triptych Wines to let people know about your wines you can get in touch here.

A visually appealing diary of the wines you have savoured...
An aid to developing your understanding of wines and your palate...
An innovative, eye-catching, web/iPad/tablet-friendly way of showcasing your wines...

Triptych Wines brings tasting notes to life. Try it out now.