The Triptych Wines Wine School is a free online course designed to help you enhance your wine knowledge and expand your wine drinking horizons.

Each week we focus on one key region and one important grape variety. Many will be well known but others may be exciting discoveries. The course runs for 52 weeks and the schedule has been designed to be seasonally sensitive, matching wines to the times of the year when I think they are particularly delicious or appropriate to drink. But you can join the course at any time and drop in or out as you wish, free from the fear of ever being given lines, a detention or a sarcastic school report.

Conventional wine texts give you lots of facts about wine regions - latitude, rainfall, soil types etc. - but with little context. Our Wine School uses our unique, visual TERROIR BENCHMARKER to show you how a region compares with others, turning information into insight.

So grab a bottle matching this week's featured region, grape, or both, and join us as we taste our way through a glittering treasure trove of delights from the world of wine.